Relax! Boost Your Productivity by Taking a Day Off

Newsflash: you do not need to run yourself into the ground for your business to grow.

Entrepreneurs are creators (of value) and creating wears your mental-muscles slap out. Just like any other muscle group in our bodies, your brain needs time rest and relax in order to function properly. Mental rest is the equivalent of feeding your brain a superfood (like blueberries!). Without proper mental rest, you’ll never progress and get anything done. Deep down we all know this. But we also know that working is associated with success and that’s why so many of us are hesitant to stop when things are going good even though we know we need a break.

According to Scientific American,

Downtime replenishes the brain’s stores of attention and motivation, encourages productivity and creativity, and is essential to both achieve our highest levels of performance and simply form stable memories in everyday life.

Sustained creativity and long-term success is dependent upon taking [regularly scheduled] time off from work. Some things just aren’t that simple but in the case of relaxation replenishing your brain, it is.

What defines a real day off?A 24 hour period void of emails, phone calls, conversations and anything else that relates to work. A real day off isn’t easy to find when you’re accustomed to working seven days a week, but it’s possible. The rewards are well worth it. Follow these simple steps and relax for a day.

  1. Schedule your day off in advance. Let your team know, let your family know, and go off the grid for a day. People will probably think you’re a little loopy at first but that’s okay. Just tell them for this set day alone, you will have nothing to do with anything that is related to work.
  2. Plan something to do. Every day habits die hard–when you’re scheduling your day off. Plan some fun and relaxing activities to take up your new-found free time and distract your mind from wandering back to work.
  3. Get work out of your system the night before. Have any essential conversations about work that you need to have, answer those important emails, and just do whatever you need to do ahead of time so you can enjoy a full 24 hours of freedom.

You don’t have to take every other day of the week off, but you don’t need to work seven straight days week after week either. Quit trying to soldier on and then wonder why you’re so stressed. You’re brain will thank you if you just try and take off at least one day a week. Your productivity will soar and your creativity will blossom. Just try it!

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