Samsung, Disabling Windows Updates Is A Bad Idea

It’s aggravating enough when manufacturers add useless bloatware to their computers, but Samsung may have hit a new low. Why? Because their software is disabling Windows Updates on users’ computers.

If you own a Samsung computer and haven’t uninstalled the bloatware, you’re probably missing out on security fixes and stability fixes from Microsoft. If I were a Samsung user, I’d be ticked; but I’m not, thankfully. Affected users can’t just jump into services.msc and re-enable the Windows Update service to get things going again. If you try, it’s just going to be disabled…again.

This is because the culprit is Samsung’s own system update app. It pulls down a piece of  companion software called, get this, disable_windowsupdate.exe. It’s signed with a Samsung certificate and comes from a Samsung server so it has all the makings of an OEM app – even though it behaves more like malware.

Why would Samsung do this? Apparently because their users could wind up with incompatible drivers on their systems if they don’t disable Windows Updates. A Samsung rep told a Microsoft MVP who was trying to figure out what the heck was going on that

if there is USB 3.0 on a laptop, the ports may not work with the installation of updates.

He went on to add that this (disabling) is done as a preventative measure.

There’s your answer. In order to prevent users USB ports from potentially malfunctioning, Samsung thought it was a good idea to put them in danger by installing some malware on their computer’s. Genius. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Samsung’s software land on Microsoft’s blacklist just like older versions of the ASK toolbar.

Good job Samsung. You’ve given us all another reason (like we needed one) to hate OEM bloatware even more. Which, by the way, you can avoid by purchasing a signature PC from a Microsoft store because Microsoft despises bloatware too.

Tech News Roundup

This week in tech was wild. In case you missed out on some of the biggest announcements over the week, I’ve got you covered with a few weekend reading suggestions. I have plans to spend the weekend on the beach so I already have my weekend reading squared away.

Grab your laptop, tablet, phone, whatever, pick out your favorite spot in the sun, and read up!

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Microsoft Acquires Wunderlist

Apparently, Microsoft’s mission to conquer the mobile productivity app world is far from over since they acquired the company behind the to-do app Wunderlist earlier this week. A Wall Street Journal Source first made the claim that Microsoft bought 6Wunderkinder and although neither company said anything when rumors of the acquisition first surfaced, Microsoft has since confirmed their latest buy.

The question everyone is asking though is, “What will Microsoft do with their newest app-quisition?” The company turned Accompli into Outlook for Android and iOS but it has yet to do anything with the Sunrise calendar app.

According to Microsoft, the company plans to “apply Wunderlist’s innovations” to its apps and services but notes they will leave the existing app and pricing as is for the time being.

Wunderlist Founder and CEO Christian Reber said in a blog post earlier this week that

Joining Microsoft gives us access to a massive wealth of expertise, technology, and people that a small company like us could only dream of amassing on its own.

Reber went on to confirm Microsoft’s statement that as of right now, nothing will change for current Wunderlist users, and a “host of new features” are to be expected in the coming months. Reber said to keep an eye on the blog for more exciting news in the near future.

For more information about the acquisition, you can read General Manager, Eran Megiddo’s blog post for Microsoft here.


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